Stand Strong
Stand Strong 3D Book

10 Inspiring Men of God

Little ones will learn about ten men of steadfast faith who changed the world by standing up for what they believed in and exemplifying Christ’s love for others.

Authors, athletes, and abolitionists. Performers and pastors. Each of these men had different callings, but all answered God’s call on their lives to make a difference in the world.

Stand Strong Interior

Introduce your little ones to …

Jeremey Lin


His perseverance and hard work enabled him to play in the NBA.

William Tyndale

William Tyndale

He boldly translated the Bible into English even though it was illegal.

Richard Allen

Richard Allen

He was a former slave who then pastored one of the largest churches in the country.

These and the 7 other amazing men of the faith featured in this book will inspire little ones to stand strong in the face of injustice, inequality, and adversity.

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